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Quality and value for money are more important now than they have ever been when it comes to the important things we buy. The thought of purchasing a home, a car, a video, even a holiday that is short of the most exacting standards would be unthinkable in these more testing times. The same holds true for diamonds, the hardest natural gemstone known to man and the most beautiful. But there is more to a diamond than meets the eye. Two diamonds may, at first glance, look alike but the truth is they are very different. Although they may be of equal size, each diamond is quite unique so they can have very unequal values. For example, take the two diamonds illustrated below. The differences between them are subtle.

Dimaond Study

To understand these differences is to understand the 4C's.

It is the combination of these four characteristics in any one of a number of ways that determines the value of a diamond. When you acquire diamond jewellery, you'll want your diamonds, no matter what their size, to be the best your money can buy. And we don't need to tell to tell you the difference that quality makes.

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I live in USA. I found them online and suggested to my parents living in Lahore, Pakistan. Dealing with GB is really good experience as jewellery design and in cheap rates. I recommend folks for purchase with them.
Miss Ghori (USA)
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